Artist Statement

Photographs I Took, While I Was Asleep.

I suffer from a sleep disorder and wake at odd times of the day and night.  Usually I wake after 3/4 hours, which means I disturb my dream cycle.

That first minute, when you first wake up, where you are somewhat confused and neither asleep or awake tends to last for an hour or two for me . I usually wake in the middle of a dream,  so my mind is continuously interrupted with images from what I have dreamt.

I started to take photographs on the streets of London in this half awake, half asleep state.  Putting myself out in the world, as I very slowly returned to consciousness, I found, allowed me to see it in a different way.

In my head, in this sleep deprived state I’m usually trying to reassemble the images I have just dreamt.  Those strange, beguiling, ambiguous and always elusive, images we dream.

While wandering around I started to see and photograph fleeting moments that came together on the streets, that had the same uncanny quality as the images i had dreamt . In fact when I reviewed the first batch of photographs I had taken, I happened upon an image, that in my sleepy state I had assumed was from a dream I had, had.

As I’m quiet slowed down, I began to notice weird, off kilter things, like a bar of soap neatly placed on a birds nest on a traffic island in the middle of a busy road in Hackney.  As you can imagine happening upon something as random as this is in itself, quiet uncanny.

London, big bustling city that it is, with so much life passing through it presents very random moments like this more than you might think.  Allowing myself to just wander the city I began to come upon these random ready made scenes more and more.

With this in mind I made one rule for myself when starting the project – I only photograph it as I find it.

That is I do nothing to interfere, orchestrate or stage the subject or scene. The objects and places that appear in these photographs exist in the everyday world, for all to see. Likewise throughout the processing stage, I am careful to avoid manipulating the image. The techniques I use are akin to those available in a traditional darkroom.